Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All About Walnut

As we have seen with the other faux bois studied in class, the étude or the study of each species of wood includes an in-depth approach, covering techniques that will help students understand the structure of the wood, and thus properly imitate its recognizable features, such as its straight grains and heart grain.

Another characteristic of wood, which students saw in class, is the loupe or burl. 
Michel selected the loupe de noyer, or walnut burl, to show the techniques used to imitate the burl.

The walnut panel that Michel prepared for class contains the three main elements: the burl, the straight grains, and the heart grain.  As they worked on this panel, students were not only able to practice each element separately (before doing their final panel for their portfolio), they were also able to practice graining various parts of the walnut in a specific design layout.

Another fabulous panel added to each student's gorgeous portfolio!

Michel doing a demo on walnut

Michel Nadai's walnut panel
comprising the burl, the straight grains and the heart grain

Close up of the straight grains by Michel

Close up of the walnut burl by Michel

And here's a bonus photo
taken on our studio's patio in Le Passage...
a beautiful rainbow after a morning rain shower