Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yellow Sienna, Mahogany and Sea Green

Before continuing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are following this blog, and also welcome those who are connecting with us for the very first time.

We will try to update this blog on a weekly basis, to give you an idea on the type of classes and work we do here at Atelier Nadaï.
One word of caution, however - although we try our best to take good photos, please note that the colors don't always correspond to the reality.  Photos may at times make the works look more 'orange', so please be patient with us until we figure how to use our camera! 

Now, back to our Wood Graining and Imitation Marble course - we've only got two weeks and a half left for this class.  It's unbelievable how time flies!  One thing is certain, I am very pleased with the way my students have progressed since the beginning of the course.

Here are photos showing some of the subjects covered in class:
Yellow Sienna, Mahogany and Sea Green with Griotte.

Michel doing a demo on Yellow Sienna

Yellow Sienna panel by Michel Nadaï

Students taking down notes during Michel's demo
Michel doing a demo on Mahogany

Michel with Pascale

Mahogany by Michel Nadaï

Michel doing a demo on Sea Green marble

Michel with Veronica, from Finland

Michel doing a demo on the Sea Green marble

Michel's Sea Green and Red Griotte panel