Friday, November 20, 2009

Last day of our 8-week long Wood graining and Faux marble course!

Today was the last day of our 8-week long wood graining and faux marble course for 2009

It was a real joy to see how students progressed during those 8 intensive weeks.  While the first week was filled with hesitant gestures and lack of confidence, today I look at my students prepare their own glaze, mix their own colors, and handle their countless tools with ease and confidence.  The gestures they use to wood grain and paint faux marble have now become second nature.  This is thanks to the countless repetition of exercises and drills I had them do in class.  A big hand to all of you!  You've all done very well, and remember, this is only the beginning of a beautiful adventure in graining and marbling.

Next week, we begin another journey with yet another intensive and in-depth class - our 4-week ornaments and moldings painted in trompe-l'oeil course which will be followed by the panoramics and painted murals course.  But, before that, here are a few more things students saw in class .

Let's begin with another bonus photo -
gorgeous sunrise in Agen, taken on our way to the studio

Back to photos of some of the other subjets covered in class

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite samples by Michel

Medicis Breche and mixed campan by Michel Nadaï

Michel doing a demo on pickled oak

Michel's pickled oak panel depicting
the heart grain, the straight grains and the silver grains

Student working on sarrancolin marble

Michel doing a demo on the sarrancolin marble

Close up of Michel's sarrancolin marble