Sunday, October 17, 2010

More photos from Scotland

Stirling Castle Palace Project

It is our pleasure to add a new page to our blog today.

We invite you to click on the youtube link below to view more photos in Scotland, while Michel was working at the royal palace at Stirling Castle.

We hope you enjoy the slide show!


Stirling Castle Palace Project

In this slide show, we can see Michel Nadaï, French master decorative painter, and John Nevin and his staff working inside the king's and queen's apartments at the royal palace at Stirling Castle.  John Nevin is the owner of MacKay Decorators, which is the largest painting and decorating company in Scotland.  John, who is a multiple award winner, is also the owner of Nevin of Edinburgh.

Michel Nadaï is a world class decorative painter, awarded the life-time title of Best Craftsman of France, and has his own decorative painting school and business, Atelier Nadaï, in the southwest of France.  His best-selling bilingual book, Art & Techniques: Decorative Painting, published by Editions Vial, recently awarded the "Grand Prix du Livre" in France.

The idea behind Historic Scotland's colossal project is to bring back Stirling Castle's Royal Palace to its original splendor; consequently, the painting on the walls and ceilings had to reflect decoration in the Renaissance style.  Michel Nadaï, who is a master of trompe-l'œil, was given the wonderful task to create the designs for the apartment walls and ceilings, based on the resource materials provided by Historic Scotland.  Traditionally made paints and techniques were used to in order to remain with the spirit of the time.

When asked, French master decorative painter Michel Nadaï said that it was a great privilege to work with John Nevin and his staff on this very prestigious project, and that he greatly enjoyed his experience of living and working in Scotland.