Thursday, July 29, 2010


These past few months we had the wonderful opportunity to travel and stay in Edinburgh, Scotland for an extended period of time.  During our stay, we experienced Scotland's varied climate, which could mean anything from blizzard, snow, heavy rain, gusts of winds, and of course, the famous mist.  But Mother Nature was not always harsh with us, and sometimes offered us warm, sunny days.  And perhaps thanks to all this snow and rain, we are now rewarded for our patience and are surrounded by lush, green trees and golden fields of barely!
Our journey began in March, when Michel was offered the opportunity to work with Mr. John Nevin, owner of MacKay Decorators and Nevin of Edinburgh, on the Stirling Castle Royal Palace project.  This very big scale project actually consists of refurbishing the Royal Palace at Stirling Castle.  John Nevin, owns the largest and most prestigious painting and decorating company in Scotland, with branches in both Edinburgh and Perth, and has earned many awards for his outstanding work.   

More photos and updates will follow soon.  Meanwhile, you can find out more about the project by clicking on the links below: