Tuesday, May 20, 2014

L'art du 'slow painting' / The art of 'slow painting'

Nous avons eu l'immense plaisir de recevoir l'artiste de renommée internationale David Gray pour enseigner sa remarquable technique du portrait. Immersion totale dans l'art du "Slow Painting"... technique immortelle des grands peintres des siècles passés.....

It's been in the air since some time, especially in the US, and we've been feeling it here in Europe as well... the revival of traditional painting - realist artists yearning to work in the traditional vein.  At Atelier Nadaï we welcome this with enthusiasm, as this is in line with what we believe and what we yearn to pass on to our students.

To celebrate this, what better than to invite an artist who practices this art... the art of slow painting...  And so, Atelier Nadaï was immensely pleased and honored to receive internationally renowned award-winning artist David Gray who came to teach his remarkable oil painting techniques at our school.  During this 5 day intensive course students immersed themselves in this art of 'slow painting', classical techniques of the great painters of the past...

Etude de couleur  /  Color study

Le dessin  /  the underdrawing

Après l'observation, la transpiration!
Demo is over, now it's the students' turn to sweat!

C'est dur, c'est sérieux mais on rit beaucoup!
It's hard, it's serious, but we also keep it upbeat and fun in class!

échange de souvenirs
David and Michel exchanging presents

Un grand merci à David et les élèves!
A big thanks to David and the students!