Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mural Painting Course Part II / Cours Peinture Murale

A seascape was the focus of the second part of our mural class, during which students learned how to paint the sky, the waves, the sand, vegetation, etc.

Michel: “Painting a seascape always seems to have a relaxing effect on our students… on me as well! And it also is a joy to teach.”

This section also covered painting a figure, with the study of the human form, the flesh-tone, the portrait, the hair, and the rendering of fabric (drapery).

Michel: “I like to use ‘real’ people for my murals. A big thank you to Celine – merci beaucoup – who was the model for this painting.”

In this section students also had the possibility of exploring how to do a perspective drawing ‘intuitively’. While part I of this course consisted of studying the ‘scientific’ method to render frontal perspective drawings, this part delved into how to do a perspective rendering ‘intuitively’.  Still, to succeed in such exercises, a perfect knowledge of the more ‘scientific’ approach is necessary.

As we’re coming close to the end of this 6-week course – and, incidentally, our 5-months course – we would like to thank all those who participated in the complete course and individual modules. It’s only the beginning of an exciting journey that lies ahead for all, and we wish you all the best!

We would also like to thank all our friends who ‘followed’ us in this blog.

Please keep checking our blog during the upcoming months.

Our next 5-months course resumes in the fall, with the Wood graining and Imitation marble module.  Class will start on September 27th.  Write to us to receive more information at

Michel and Kyoko Nadaï

Students watching as Michel does a demo

 Michel adding the shadows

 Michel adding finishing touches

"Paysage marin" by Michel Nadai 

close up of "Paysage Marin" by Michel Nadaï