Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our friends!  We wish you a year of happiness and joy, health, success and prosperity!

After our 2-week Christmas and New Year break, classes at Atelier Nadaï resumed on January 4th with the Panoramics and Painted Murals module.  This 6-week long program started with an in-depth study on perspective.

Perspective is a fundamental tool for us decorative painters, and this is especially true when you decide to include painted murals in your range of services.

Prior to the Renaissance, paintings lacked accurate spatial representation. Although there was an attempt to represent distance by adding larger figures and objects in the foreground and smaller ones in the foreground, the perspective rules were not really understood. When the method for drawing linear perspectives was developed in the Renaissance, it completely transformed the way artists drew and painted. These methods are still used today and help make our drawings and paintings more realistic.

The hands-on exercises and detailed step-by-step explanations presented during our 6-week Panoramics and Painted Murals module will help our students gain a better understanding of perspective. Once they understood the fundamental principles of perspective, our students will have acquired a very powerful tool that will help give their drawings and murals a much more precise and realistic rendering.

We will be posting photos taken during this 6-week course.  But before that, here are a few photos taken in front of our studio on Christmas Eve...

Bright sunset on Christmas Eve

Beautiful rainbow on Christmas Eve!