Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Graining Olympix in Blackburn

This week we're going to post some photos taken during the Graining Olympix, which was held in Blackburn on October 17th and 18th.  My wife, Kyoko, and I flew into Manchester on Friday night to attend this event.  Then, as we had class on Monday morning, we flew back on Sunday evening.

It was a wonderful event, during which I was very happy to meet my decorative painter friends and colleagues, as well as make new friends.  A big hand to John Flemming and Terry Taylor for organizing this successful event.  At the exhibition I was very impressed and inspired by the outstanding works that were displayed.

Thank you John Flemming and Terry Taylor for organizing this wonderful and inspiring event!  We look forward to attending next year's event!

Close up of panel by Michel Nadai

Trompe-l'oeil molding over Rouge Languedoc

John Flemming showing examples of graining to Michel

John Flemming, Michel Nadai and Marina Hughes

John Flemming, Steve Flemming, Michel Nadai, Marina Hughes, and Jason

Michel answering to a question on moldings

Michel painting a trompe-l'oeil molding over Rouge Languedoc
while people were looking at his other works

Photo time!

Terry Taylor and Michel Nadai

With John Flemming

Close up of trompe-l'oeil by Michel Nadai

The collaboration piece for Salon of Bergamo
by the Dream Team (Benji, Michel and Gert-Jan)

Our friend from Holland, Gert-Jan Njisse

Our friend Benjamin Craig

Michel with our friends Jan and Chantal Lhermytte of Ideefiks,
of Belgium

Graining doors

Graining doors

The fabulous works of Tommy Valentine

The famous grained door with violin by Tommy Valentine

People watching Michel doing a demo

Michel during the event

Opening of event

Opening speech by Peter Banks

The organizers, John Flemming and Terry Taylor