Friday, September 18, 2009

Start of a new 'season' at Atelier Nadaï

The month of September is known as 'la rentrée' in France, when kids go back to school, and people go back to work after the summer break. It's basically the start of a new season.

At Atelier Nadaï, we also have 'la rentrée' at the end of September, when our school 'reopens' with its annual fall/winter curriculum,
'The Decorative Painter's Complete Course'.

This comprehensive course comprises an in-depth and intensive training in the European techniques of decorative painting - a real must for all serious decorative painters.

To begin with, this program is composed of 3 Modules, which can be taken individually or as a complete course package.

The first Module is the Wood Graining and Faux marble class. 8 weeks of class, with a total of 280 hours (35 per week). Like all the other modules, this is a full-time class, packed with information, training and techniques.