Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Atelier Nadaï's blog!

It is our pleasure to communicate with you through this blog! We are still 'new' to this tool so please be patient with us as we learn how to use it, hopefully without making too many embarrassing mistakes! I'm actually saying 'we' because this blog was created by my wife Kyoko, in English, as another means of communicating and informing the world about what we do. So, even if the posts are in my name, Kyoko is writing on my behalf.

We will inaugurate this very first post, by writing about the two wonderful master classes that took place in July, in our studio here in the southwest of France.

The first, Master Class I - Advanced Trompe-l'oeil, was a 2-week intensive and in-depth class on trompe-l'oeil. For this class, I had students work on beautiful moldings and ornaments of style over a background of grained wood, which incidentally was root of oak. So, this class was not only on trompe-l'oeil, but also on how to grain this complex root of oak. A wonderful challenge for all the participants who did a great job. This group was composed of American, Dutch and French students all of whom were professionals with many years of experience. Not only were they serious at what they did, they were also lots of fun to teach to. A big thank you to all of you!

The second, Master Class II - Advanced Marble, was a 2-week intensive and in-depth class on imitation marble. For this class, we had the great honor of receiving our dear friend and world renown Master, Pierre Lefumat. Sarrancolin, Green Onyx of Mexico and Breche Medicis were on the agenda for this great class. Pierre Lefumat, as always, amazed us all with his skills and his patience in teaching. We were again blessed by a wonderful group, which this time consisted of American, Danish, Dutch, French and Japanese students. A real international set of students, who like the first group were very serious but also lots of fun. A big thank you to you too!